From Our Farm To You, The More You Eat, The More We Grow

Our Story, The Owen Family

We strive to provide the best service in our industry and stand behind every item we sell. We hope you enjoy visiting our store from Southside Virginia and are pleased with every purchase you make.

The Owen family has been raising peanuts since the late 1800's.  We are proud to offer you our peanuts roasted, salted, Cajun spiced or just plain raw in the shell peanuts.  Throughout the past four generations we have learned what it takes to grow and roast premiere jumbo peanuts.  Our farm and facilities are located in Sussex County, Virginia.  The Home of America's first grown peanuts.  We take great pride in peanuts, from growing, harvesting, roasting, packaging and management is solely comprised of the Owen family.  We started selling our peanuts to the Ukrops supermarkets in 1989, then branched out to the United Stated military in 1991.  We have been blessed with much success with our partnership with the commissaries over the years and would now like to offer our product directly to you.  If you  are not completely satisfied, simply return the item to us and we will gladly replace it or refund your purchase.  We believe that once you try Owen homegrown jumbo peanuts, you will join the Owen peanut family.

Raw in shell - Each Owen Peanut is harvested straight from the Owen vines.  After being cleaned and sized, only the best jumbo peanuts are inspected by the Federal Government, tested and given a USDA grade which enables us to market our very own peanuts are then roasted for an hour and a half until they are golden brown.  The steaming fresh peanuts are then delicately packaged and can be shipped to your home.  Also we offer peanuts salted in the shell that have been placed under pressure in a hot salt water, the peanuts are dried and placed in a large hot oven, then golden roasted. Cajun peanuts are also available going through the same process as the salted peanuts when  Cajun spices are adding in the brine solution before being dried and then golden roasted.  Each Owen package represents our care and homegrown quality.  From our farm to you, we guarantee a safe, fresh and affordable peanut treat that you will enjoy time after time.

Liberty Hall Farm Angus beef is also now available directly to you from our farm.  The Owen family has been raising cattle also along with our peanuts.  The demand for safe hormone and antibiotic free beef has been a desire for many beef lovers and now you can purchase this from us.  Our black Angus beef only eat grass from our pastures, free of fertilizers, pesticides, hormones with no grain products.  Our grass fed beef is raised with the same standards that have made us so successful with our peanuts that we offer.  So as you can see, we take great pride in offering peanuts and beef from our farm to you with a pledge that if you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and we will do our best to make you Happy Happy Happy!  We, the Owen Family, want  you to be Happy!